The Batch Lady’s Method

Following the Batch Lady’s method will show you how to make fast, simple, homemade, portion controlled meals, that can be prepared in  under 10 minutes, then frozen for whenever you need them. If you want to save time and money, get healthy, organised and in control of  your weekly meals, then this is the method for you.

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The Batch Lady’s Method

My simple method is all about planning your meals ahead and then batching them together to save yourself loads of time in the kitchen.

My batch cooking method works just as well whether you freeze meals individually for yourself or if you freeze large family sized portions.  If you want to save time, get organised and be in control of your weekly meals, then this is the method for you.

Learn to Batch with The Batch Lady

I show you lots of time saving tips, like cooking with pre-chopped frozen vegetables and using frozen herbs. How to manage and organise your freezer and what products or ingredients work well for Batching, so you can see how easy and time saving this will be to your life.

Take a look at hundreds of free step by step videos and recipes, and start buying back time in your life instantly.

Some of our recipes
3 for the fridge, 3 for the freezer no.2 (fish cakes/balti/burgers)By The Batch LadyThis is my second weekly menu plan - you can make 3 meals for the fridge for this week and 3 meals for the freezer to have another time. Here's what we're making in this video, doubling up 3 recipes for a family of 4: 2 x fish cakes, 2 x chicken Balti, 2 x homemade burgers = 6 family meals made in under an hour!
3 meals for the fridge, 3 for the freezer (menu plan 1)By The Batch LadyIn this video I show you how to spend just 1 hour and cook all the meals in this week's plan. We're going to make 2 lots of Hasselback Chicken, 2 lots of Vegetarian Burritos, 2 lots of Bolognese sauce for spaghetti .That's 3 meals for the fridge and 3 meals for the freezer for another week. In this first video I've included a bonus quick meal for your fridge. Happy Batching!
Chipotle Butter CornBy The Batch LadyThis is a great butter recipe that can be made in advance and frozen. We love it on corn but it's equally as good on chicken and other veg.