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Learn how to make your weekly shop go further, and save time in the kitchen, through the miracle of meal planning.


Discover 80 easy family recipes, cleverly grouped to cook together, to fill your freezer for the week ahead


Enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal every day, with no need to cook from scratch each time

Gives the gift of time to home cooks everywhere!

The Batch Lady's method

Following the Batch Lady’s method will show you how to make fast, simple, homemade, portion controlled meals, that can be prepared in under 10 minutes, then frozen for whenever you need them. If you want to save time and money, get healthy, organised and in control of your weekly meals, then this is the method for you.

Watch this video and check out the concept. Give it a go and in no time, you will be making 10 family meals in 1 hour!

Learn to batch cook

I show you lots of time saving tips, like cooking with pre-chopped frozen vegetables and using frozen herbs. How to manage and organise your freezer and what products or ingredients work well for Batching, so you can see how easy and time saving this will be to your life.

Take a look at hundreds of free step by step videos and recipes, and start buying back time in your life instantly.

Some of our recipes
Lemon and Blueberry LoafBy The Batch LadyThis loaf is just delicious! Perfect to have in the freezer for when you fancy something sweet.
Veggie ‘Fish’ CakesBy The Batch LadyThese delicious veggie cakes are brilliant, very child friendly and so quick and easy to knock up in a hurry. Why not double up and make extra to keep in the freezer for those busy evenings when you walk in the door and need something on the table for hungry kiddies quickly! In association with Mash Direct.
Cowboy PieBy The Batch LadyA perfect easy weeknight meal, the kiddies will love it. In association with Mash Direct.