Who is The Batch Lady

Suzanne Mulholland is a time-saving guru and a family-cooking expert As a busy mum, working on a rural farm. Suzanne drew on her background as a time management trainer to develop The Batch Lady methods and planning tools for the kitchen.

With many people to feed on a daily basis, Suzanne set about filling her fridge and freezer once a week with ready-to-go, home made tasty meals that were carefully menu-planned for the weeks ahead. Prompted by her friends to show them how to replicate her method, Suzanne developed The Batch Lady to share her expertise further afield. Through her media channels, Suzanne has an ever-growing following across the UK, Europe, America and New Zealand.

Suzanne was born in Livingston, Scotland, where she grew up fully understanding the value of money and a decent meal. She gained a master’s degree in business, with a specialist focus on time management, putting her expertise into practice as a time management trainer for an American company throughout her twenties. Suzanne lives with her husband, two children and parents in law, on a hill farm, running a holiday cottage business while also often feeding all three generations.

Suzanne has been featured in select magazines ranging from Hello Magazine, MADE (Mums and Dads Edinburgh), Women Together, Scottish Borders Food and Drink, Tiny Tattler. She has featured in the self-help book “Mummy JoJo UNCUT: Time for a Mojo Injection”.

Suzanne regularly gives demonstrations to large audiences and her appearances as The Batch Lady include demonstrating at The Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh, The Scottish Women’s Institute, and The Good House Keeping Institute in Soho London.

What is The Batch Lady method?

As The Batch Lady, Suzanne will inspire and teach you how to spend just one hour to produce a week’s worth of family meals that are home-made, healthy and portion controlled.

Her menu plans and shopping lists help you to buy only what you need, saving money and reducing waste.

Your home-made meals are healthier without hidden preservatives and no-added salt and sugar. Many of the recipes, however, incorporate extra vegetables that your children would never know were there.

Along with the many recipes to choose from, The Batch Lady provides time-saving hints and tips to remove the stress and hassle from your cooking experience.

By following her method, you will be able to plan your evening and weekend meals for the weeks ahead and, in one cooking session, produce a week’s worth of freezable meals to fill your freezer or simply add to your fridge for the days ahead.