Who is the batch lady?

Hi, I’m Suzanne Mulholland a time-saving guru and a family-cooking expert and Author of The Batch Lady books.

Years ago, I used to work as a time management trainer and once I got married and had kids I realised that much of what I knew from my job could actually help streamline all the daily chores that had to be done in my home life. Three years ago, I showed a few friends how I stayed organised and made all my meals in advance, they loved it and suggested I put it on the internet and that’s when The Batch Lady was born! Its lovely to now have my books published in many different countries and have a following from all over the world.

I know spend my time, developing recipes, writing books and articles, doing live and online demonstrations and working with brands. My goal is to help take the hard work out of preparing dinner every evening so you can tick dinnertime off your to do list!

Head over to my Instagram and Facebook page where I give top tips every day, and if you make a recipe be sure to tag @thebatchlady for a chance to win follower Friday.

What is The Batch Lady method?

Following my method will show you how to spend just one hour to produce a week’s worth of family meals that are home-made, healthy and portion controlled.

There are menu plans and shopping lists that can help you buy only what you need, saving money and reducing waste.

You will find that you are no longer rushing to the shop to pick up a last minute ready meal. Instead you will have a bunch of family meals just waiting for you in your own freezer. Each recipe gives exact instructions for freezing and reheating, making it so easy.

Along with the 1000’s of recipes to choose from, The Batch Lady ‘Learn’ tab provides time-saving hints and tips to remove the stress and hassle from your cooking experience.

By following my method, you will be able to plan your evening and weekend meals for the weeks ahead and, in one cooking session, produce a week’s worth of freezable meals to fill your freezer or simply add to your fridge for the days ahead.

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