Learn to Batch Module 10 (final module)- Saving money and reducing waste

This is the last video in the Learn to Batch Course, I hope you have found the course useful and are ready to confidently get your batch on!


  1. Hi Batch Lady, loved your videos and think they’ll be really helpful so thank you! Just wondering when you add the extra herbs and spices from frozen to your curry for just you and your husband for example, I presume you would be adding these right at the end before plating up – is the heat from the food enough to cook, say, a finely diced chilli garnish, or would the chilli still feel and taste quite raw/would you add it a slightly different way? Thank you!

    1. Oh great to hear Suzi! Yes right at the end, we enjoy fresh chilli but you could add chilli flakes or a little chilli powder if that works better for you. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Batch Lady

    Really enjoyed your videos thank you for putting them together I feel really inspired to get cooking, usually I hate the whole process but I am motivated now!

    I just have one question. I used to use frozen veg and herbs a lot, however I now use a slow cooker most days and I read somewhere that you can’t slow cook from frozen so I have switched back to fresh. I do prefer the taste and texture of fresh but hate the chopping and ending up with food waste. Just wondering if you would recommend frozen veg in the slow cooker or not? I would never put frozen meat in but are things like veg ok? I did defrost some once to go in slow cooker but they went soggy and not very nice.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello! Great to hear you are loving the videos!
      Yes you can slow cook frozen veggies, they will give out a little more water so just be mindful of the extra liquid but you are all fine to slow cook frozen veggies!

      Hope that helps, Happy batching!

    1. Both are brilliant, I like frozen herbs as they still give you the freshness but both are great

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