Easy 5 minutes Brownies

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Who doesn’t love brownies? Sometimes you just need to whip up something sweet quickly, there is no shame in buying brownie kits sometimes!

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  1. There is no recipe for this apart from to say buy a `Betty Crocker’ brownie mix box, follow the instructions on the packet and enjoy a fun filled 5 minutes with your kids.

    The Batch Lady isn’t about fab new recipes it’s about getting things done quickly and simply. Betty Crocker cake boxes (most of them) are fab, there is little mess, they taste good, the end products freeze well. You could make brownies from scratch with your kids, but I always feel baking with children is always more successful when simplified and when they see the results fast.

    Save your kids eating to many by freezing ½ the batch, they are great served hot with ice cream or just defrosted for an after school snack.

    Have fun with the kids!

    (The brownies may need a little more cooking time if they are still very soft. If they do, simply pop back in the oven for 5 minutes)

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