Learn to batch cook with The Batch Lady

This is where I show you loads of tips on how to start batching and how to make the most of using your freezer.

A Guide to start Batch Cooking

Freezing & Defrosting

Once your food is prepared, in order to get it ready for the freezer you will need to portion the food into your labeled bags. You will need to leave theses open until they cool, as below Once cool, seal and flatten, making sure all the air is out the bag. I usually put these [...]

5 steps to an easy batch cook morning!

Stage 2- Moving on From Doubling up!​ Choose recipes that have the same basic ingredients, for example: Onions, grated carrot and minced beef are three main ingredients in the dishes below: Burgers Meatballs Fajitas Cottage Pie Spaghetti Bolognese Chilli lasagne If your planning on cooking with minced beef, you could start with these 3 basics [...]

Quick and Easy Double Portions

Stage 1-Your first batch cooking session Doubling up For your first-time batch cooking, start with one recipe that you can make off by heart and that your family love. For instance spaghetti bolognese, make the bolognese and simply times it by 2, then you have 1 for tonight and 1 for the freezer. (I only [...]

An Easy Guide to Following The Batch Lady Recipes

Getting started with YouTube

Ok I will be honest, my passion is batch cooking. Before I started my YouTube Channel, I didn’t have a clue how to subscribe to someone’s channel. I simply used to watch a video online then leave the page, never having signed into anything. However, now I know it is free and how easy it [...]

How to use frozen veg

Use Frozen Veg – I Am The Queen of Frozen Veg! Frozen veg is great for you. Nowadays it’s generally flash frozen within 30 minutes of being picked, so its full of goodness. Unlike fresh veg, it hasn’t sat around in a truck or a supermarket aisle for weeks. Frozen veg is already prepared, it [...]

Secret Cheats

I am not a believer in being a martyr! I want to cook homemade food for my family, I am not a chef and I don’t have time to spend hours making all my dishes from scratch, so there are many shop bought items that I will often use. Ready-made pizza dough, that’s ready to [...]

Managing Your Freezer

Cleanse and organises the freezer

The Batch Lady Cleans and organises the freezer. It’s always good to have a spring clean of your freezer, in fact its worth doing every few weeks, that way you maximise space and get to see exactly what you have in there. I always leave a spare shelf for freezing meals flat. Check out the […]

How to organise and manage your freezer

Here's one a few of you have been waiting on! Check out this video, it shows you how I manage and organise my freezers, so I know, what's in them, what I take out and what I put in! No matter what type or size of freezer you have this is a good system. It [...]

Managing Your Kitchen Freezer

What's in My kitchen Freezer and Why? I've been asked lots lately about Freezer Organisation, so I thought I'd let you see what's in My Kitchen Freezer and Why! I have 2 large freezers in one of my farm sheds outside, but this freezer is my go to everyday one, so I keep a few [...]

What cuts of meats to use when Batching and what are the cheaper Alternatives

Beef cuts explained

Lamb Cuts Explained

Pork Cuts Explained

What types of fish to use and cheaper alternatives

Fish Fajitas

Fish Stir Fry in 4 Minutes

Monkfish and Pancetta Parcels

Top Tips!

Batching your morning Cuppa

Want to get very organised in the morning, why not batch your morning cuppa into icecubes so you only need to microwave it to warm! This video was produced in Arpil so you may want to watch it till the end!

These food bags are washable and reusable

Food bags are generally washable and reusable and can be used over and over again, much like washing out a plastic tub. They are not single use!

Top tips for stopping your bags form sticking together

Wet food bags often stick together and break in the freezer, here’s my top tips on how to stop it happening.

Meal Planning Tips

Meal planning for busy farming weeks

For all the farmers Wife’s out there, Here is how I get meals ready in advance for those busy periods on the farm.