How to organise and manage your freezer

Here’s one a few of you have been waiting on! Check out this video, it shows you how I manage and organise my freezers, so I know, what’s in them, what I take out and what I put in! No matter what type or size of freezer you have this is a good system. It will save you time and money, will let you see what meals your short of and will help you meal plan easier. It’s simple but works.


  1. I use a magnetic write-on, wipe-off whiteboard to keep track of what’s in my freezer. I fasten it to the front and I’ve trained the children so they remember to use it (most of the time!)

  2. Loved this I needed this to motivate me. I have stuff that I forget about labelling is such a simple idea and I love the in and out plan

  3. I’ll empty my freezer to check out what’s in it – thanks for that advice! What temperature should my freezer be and can you recommend a freezer thermometer please? I get a lot of ice forming on the top fast freeze shelf, does this matter?

    1. Your freezer should be at around -18 degrees, i would recommend a digital thermometer. There are lots available on amazon. Hope that helps!

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