New School Year, New You

Last month on Facebook we spoke about getting kids back to school and setting new goals from now till Christmas to help your mid-week madness run slightly smoother. Thought I would share my new goals. I shall be working full time this year as the kids head back to school so I need to up my game in being organised and efficient so I don’t reach meltdown before we reach Christmas break.

My goals:

1. Set a timer on my phone for 6pm, to take the meal for the next day out the freezer. I’m in the kitchen anyway as we are usually about to eat so it should be easy to hear phone and grab the meal. (I forget if I leave it till bedtime!).

2. Fill in the weekly planner board for meals, so that everyone can see it. The weeks I do this I am so much more organised.

3. Organise what I’m wearing each day on a Sunday afternoon. My mornings are so much nicer when I’m already organised on what to wear, and I’m a nicer mummy in the mornings when I have more time.

4. Teach my kids to use the wash machine, They put tons of clean clothes in the wash when I ask them to tidy their rooms, If they did the washing then maybe it would stop this? ( or maybe I will just have allot of grey and pink clothes EEEEKKK!)

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