Getting started with YouTube

Ok I will be honest, my passion is batch cooking. Before I started my YouTube Channel, I didn’t have a clue how to subscribe to someone’s channel. I simply used to watch a video online then leave the page, never having signed into anything. However, now I know it is free and how easy it is, YouTube is brilliant. Sign in, subscribe to what you like to watch, then every time you log in (just like Facebook) you will have content that interests you and that you want to read. Your subscriptions for example to ‘The Batch Lady” become similar to your Facebook friends. YouTube is there with interesting stuff that you love just waiting to be watched.

Here’s a simple guide to getting started: To create an account on YouTube You need to create a Google account to be able to sign in to YouTube, don’t panic its easy! You can create one in YouTube itself Go to On the top right of the screen there is a Sign In button, press this and click on Create Account. If you don’t have a Google account it will ask you to create one here. Simply follow the step by step guide and you will have an account in a couple of minutes.

Once you have a Google and YouTube account Now you can start to personalise your YouTube account. Find channels that you like to watch i.e. The Batch Lady, and click the subscribe button . Do not be alarmed, this is free and you are under no obligations for anything. It simply allows you to see all the videos from that channel so you don’t miss anything. These will show up on your subscription feed. (Just look for the word subscriptions on your YouTube Page.) You can also like, comment or save favourites to watch later. For all you technophobes like me, give it a go!

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