Make 20 delicious meals in 2 hours!

Do you want to save time, money and hassle when it comes to cooking? Do you prefer to feed everyone in the family the same meal? Combat fussy eaters? Get lots of hidden veg into your children?

If you have replied ‘yes’ to any of these statements, then you need to get to know The Batch Lady.

The Batch Lady method will inspire you to make fast, simple and portion-controlled meals in under 10 minutes. By spending a couple of hours, one day per week, cooking meals that have the same basic ingredients, you can prepare a host of varied, healthy and delicious dishes, which you can pop into the freezer until you need them.

My name is Suzanne Mulholland, aka, The Batch Lady. I began batching when my children were toddlers and my parents-in-law had become reliant on me for extra care. I quickly found myself cooking for a large crowd every day, trying to please everyone and satisfy various dietary requirements and tastes.
Over time, I found that cooking once a week with a view to freezing meals was the best way to save time, money and my peace of mind. This way, I could add salt or spice to some portions before serving, thus keeping everyone happy and healthy.

Now I’m sharing what I have learned, to help others learn to love batching.

Here are some Top Tips for preparing fast and simple recipes the whole family will enjoy:

Make meals that use the same 4 basic ingredients at once-
If you are making spaghetti bolognaise, you will need chopped onions, mince and grated carrots. You also need those ingredients to make, burgers, meatballs, chilli, fajitas and lasagne: one large pot of veg and mince will serve as a base for six different dishes.

Always make 2-
If you’re going to make one meal, simply double the ingredients to make another. It will only take about 3 extra minutes!

Use your freezer-
Freeze all your meals in labelled, sealable freezer bags. Freeze the bags flat, to maximise space. The portions will also freeze and defrost much more quickly.

Use frozen vegetables-
Using frozen vegetables is not only infinitely cheaper, they were picked during peak season, so they are full of nutrients, unlike those left to ripen in a warehouse. And someone has already done the chopping for you: such a time-saver!

Ditch the scales-
Use measuring cups instead of weighing ingredients: simply scoop portions quickly and with no mess. (recipes on www.thebatchladyold.local)

Serve your children curries, chilli and fajitas, but adapt them to their palates by adding crème fraiche to their portions prior to serving, so they get a milder version of your meal.
Always make a basic recipe, that way it’s easy to add spices and salt to taste after you have portioned out the kid’s meals.

For all my top tips, recipes and videos follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and at www.thebatchladyold.local, it’s all FREE! I’d love to hear from you.


  1. I’d like to thank you – as a single mom who works full time batch cooking has just saved me from the worst week. Having had covid and being too dizzy to stand Cooking the fact that I’d previously made a load of your recipes has meant my 8 year old has been able to fend for himself with minimal supervision and I have been able to make quick, easy choices when I haven’t felt like eating. Without this – take always and quick unhealthy junk food would have been my only option which I can’t really afford and know it’s less nutritious… so thank you!

    1. Sorry to hear about you having covid Lian, I hope you are on the mend! So great to hear that batching has helped out while you were feeling unwell- isn’t it so handy to have a freezer full of meals!

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