Get Ready for University Course- Simple Burger Recipe

Welcome back to my getting ready for uni course! Today we are in the kitchen making my super easy burger recipe. It is such a great recipe to know how to make, they take 5 minutes to make and are much cheaper than buying ready made burgers that have lots of additives. This recipe makes two burgers so you can have one for that evening and you can freeze the other so you have a meal ready and waiting in the freezer for whenever you need. Or double up and make a meal for you flatmates, they will be so impressed!

Ingredients, this makes 2 burgers :

250g beef mince

1 tbsp American mustard

good dash of lea and perins

1/2 egg, beaten

salt and pepper

Method as per the video! Remove from freezer the evening before you want to cook it, once defrosted cook as instructed in the video. Happy cooking!

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