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Creamy Italian chicken

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This Italian creamy pasta is the best comfort food, everyone loves it in my house.

Prep Time
Total Time

Nutrition (per serving)

Sat. Fat


  • Frozen carrots
    1 cup (115 g)
  • Philadelphia cheese
    1 tub (180 g)
  • Chicken breast
    4 breasts
  • Campbells condensed chicken soup
    2 cans (800 g)
  • Italian mixed herbs
    1 tsp


  1. This is a very easy recipe, it’s a dump bag recipe so you add all the raw ingredients to a labelled freezer bag.

  2. Cut your chicken breasts length ways in ½ and add them to the bag.

  3. Next put all the other ingredients into a labelled freezer bag and mix together.

  4. Mix the ingredients around so the sauce covers any dry ingredients.

  5. Ready for the Freezer

    Remove the air from the bag, seal and lay flat ready for the freezer.

  6. Ready to Eat

    Defrost the bag overnight in the fridge.

    When fully defrosted put in the slow cooker.

    Cook on low for 4 hrs in the slow cooker


  1. Hi
    Oops. I unfortunately bought Campbell’s cream of chicken soup. Will this be ok please Has anyone made it with this?

    1. Can I use frozen chicken in dump bad recipes as long as I get it back into freezer before it thaws
      Thank you for great ideas between food,bags,slow cookers and loads of tops

    2. Yes you can just make sure as you say that it is back in the freezer quickly! Hope that helps

  2. Hello, I have defrosted this meal but it appears the philly has separated. I’ve put it in the slow cooker anyway but it’s not looking great, very grainy. What have I done wrong and is it still ok to eat?

    1. sorry to hear that! If you give the sauce a little whisk it should come back together nicely, yes it is all ok to eat. Hope that helps

    2. I’ve had exactly the same problem! Just wondering if it would be better to add the cream cheese towards the end next time?

  3. I made this last weekend, as a 2 person dump bag 🙂 Cooked it 2 nights ago, and it was delicious.
    I accidentally picked up mushroom soup, instead of chicken, but will use that again next time I make, will also add more carrots and up the Italian seasoning a bit. Served with tagliatelle. I’m cooking just for one so the intention was for the second cooked portion to be frozen and returned to the freezer. Oops, it didn’t make it!!!

  4. Hi
    I am a newbie cooker – I can manage the basics but I’m really inspired by your recipes – is it ok to use low fat versions of things? For example, lighter philli? Or light Mayo (in your other recipes)

    1. Welcome! That is so great to hear! In some cases it is, for example in my Healthy Book I use lots of low fat alternatives but sometimes in things like this creamy Italian chicken the low fat philli can split. Low fat mayo works well, that won’t split but I would be wary of low fat philli in this dish especially. Try my healthy book if you are looking for some low fat dishes! hope that helps

  5. Hi! Would this be ok if I put it on high in the SC (ie when I get in from work) and if so, how long would it need to be in for? Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes that would work just fine, I would say around 2 1/2 hours on high 🙂 enjoy!

  6. Hi, this was my first batch recipe and it was really delicious, unfortunately it didn’t look great as the sauce split when it was cooking, how can i avoid this next time?


  7. This recipe is so tasty! It did separate when defrosted but a little stir and it was fine. Will definitely make this again, winner with the kids too 👍🏼

    1. Yes not a problem, this should take around 40 minutes on the hob on a low- medium heat. Hope that helps!

  8. So I didn’t watch the video and cooked it on the hob in the pressure cooker. It came out delicious and once cooked I froze it. No problems reheating. One the cream cheese had split. A quick stir fixed it. I’m a big fan of batch cooking now though I’ve never been able to get it done under an hour 😆

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