Unboxing my new Instant Pot

I am so excited to be working with Instant Pot. They sent me a brand new Instant Pot Duo Plus 80, i am so excited to get going with it! Here is a video of me unboxing it.


  1. Have you used your instant pot much. I have one and have only used it for soup so far looking for some inspiration

    1. Hi Claire, Yes I looking to get it know it better and do some more recipes soon!

  2. Love our Instant Pot, great for making pulled pork, Lamb shanks, beef shins etc
    Tip. If you freeze meals in takeaway foil trays, can cook them straight from frozen in the tray in the Insta for about 20mins.
    Great for last minute meal decisions.

  3. I came upon your utube videos quite by accident and have become somewhat interested. I’m not an expert cook but enthusiastic. About to embark on some of your batching recipes. I’ll try to keep you posted. Culinary adventure, here we come

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