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Fish pie

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Fish pie is a great way of getting the kids to eat fish. It is creamy and delicious and topped with delicious mash.

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  • Fresh fish pie mix
    1.5 packets (600 g)
  • Fresh dill
    30 g
  • creme fraiche
    0.5 tubs (150 ml)
  • Milk
    0.25 cups (60 ml)
  • Double cream
    0.5 cups (120 ml)
  • Pre-prepared ready-made mash
    1.5 packets (640 g)


  1. Add the mixed fish to an oven/freezer proof dish.

  2. Chop the dill over the fish, leaving out the stalks.

  3. In a separate bowl add the creme fraiche, milk and double cream and mix together.

  4. Pour the sauce over the fish.

  5. Next crumble the mash on top to make the potato topping.

  6. Ready for the freezer

    Simply cover, seal and label.

  7. Ready to Eat

    This can be cooked from frozen or defrosted, 30 min at 180°C if defrosted or 1 hr if frozen. Ensure its piping hot all the way through.


  1. Can you refreezw once cooked. Also I have a load of frozen fish in the freezer and I just chop up and use that instead. Love you page by the way

    1. Hi,
      Have just made your batch cooked fish pie with my young daughter. This got a thumbs up from my family. I added sweetcorn and peas to the sauce and it went down a treat. Will definitely become a favourite as I have no working hob at the moment so just needed my oven. Do you have receipts for a slow cooker at all? Keep up the excellent work. Will check back frequently xx

    2. Hi Linda, that’s a great idea to personalise the recipe with your favourite veggies added in – I’m pleased you enjoyed it!

  2. Hi I love your videos. I’m from Canada, here we don’t have a package of a mix f fish. Can you give me an idea what type of fish i can use thank you.

    1. Hi Angela, our packets of fresh fish pie mix generally contain a third each of any white fish, any smoked white fish and salmon (approx 400g total per pack). You could vary your mix depending on what’s available at your fish counter. Also have a look at my blog from last May “What to ask for in your Fishmonger’s and how to cook it”. Happy batching!

  3. I’ve made some of these for my dad who is in lockdown. Does he need to remove the lid of the tray before cooking once defrosted. Thanks

    1. Brilliant Dawn – these individual portions make the perfect lockdown gift for someone on their own. Yes to taking the lid off – the topping will brown gently as it cooks. I hope he enjoys them.

  4. Hi, I made your fish cakes tonight and the grandchildren actually ate it!!! Please tell me what size pyrex dish do I use for the fish pie. Thank you so much

    1. brilliant thats great to hear jenny, i usually use a 25cm x 20cm for fish pie. Hope that helps1

  5. Hi
    I’ve aways batched cooked I’m always amazed at people who don’t as there is nothing better than coming home to a homemade prepped meal. I had no idea that mash freezes so well using your method. This fish pie is dead easy I just add veg to cook whilst waiting for the pie to heat up. I particularly like that you give the amounts that serves two people, the majority of receipes on other sites and books are always serves four and in some cases easy to cook for four than divide. So thank you from all the two person households . Plus a added bonus because all your recipes show the calorie per serving I am able to keep track as calorie counting. So win win.

  6. The first time my Husband and I have ever had fish pie.
    It was delicious.
    I did homemade mash in instant pot.
    Looking forward to seeing your Instant pot recipes.

  7. Hi, I have a frozen fish pie mix – is this ok to use?
    Also, if I am not using Creme Fraiche would I just double the cream amount?

    I am not really supposed to have dairy, but there is no way the family would try this with soy, so I am going to give it a try … I love fish and really want to eat it different ways!


    1. Yes thats fine! Double cream would also work well! Let me know how you get on

  8. Really good – made with all double cream will try the lighter version next time! I’ve yet to make a recipe of yours that turns out reject- I’ve made quite a lot now – thank yo so much – I live in Aberdeenshire next to a working farm so the frozen veg inspiration from you has been brilliant

    1. I would recommend freezing uncooked so the fish doesn’t dry out too much! Hope that helps

  9. I have done fish pie today but I have used frozen fish mix (not defrosted or cooked) then put on sauce and mash on top. So is this ok for me to defrost and cook? Or should I cook straight from frozen?

    1. Yes not a problem, you can cook from defrosted or you could cook from frozen. Up to you both will work great!

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