Cooking with Kids

BASIC TOMATO SAUCEBy The Batch LadyOnce you make this simple recipe you will never go back to jarred sauce. It is so easy, quick and cheap to make and can be used for a multitude of dishes, from pizza toppings to lasagne.
Easy Snack BoxesBy The Batch LadyThese boxes are great to help you save time and money and be more organised when it comes to kids' snacks. All you need: 2 plastic boxes 2 labels Small sealable zipper bags Label box 1: Healthy - take 2 Label box 2: Treat - take 1
Freezable sandwichesBy The Batch Lady‘YES’ you can freeze sandwiches… These are great for made in advance packed lunches, simply take out of freezer in morning and by lunchtime your sandwich will be perfect and still nicely chilled.
Homemade Pizza No Cook BagBy The Batch LadyThis is one of my cheats as I use a ready to roll pizza dough, however like many of my batch cook dishes, it’s mainly homemade and certainly better than buying a supermarket pizza. The kids have great fun adding the toppings and I know exactly how much cheese goes into it and what the tomato base is made of. Use small sealable freezer bags for these pizza raw bags. Simply put all the toppings you want in the bag rather than tell you what you like on your pizza simply add any topping you like, I use…..
Easy Fridge PastaBy The Batch LadyThis isn’t really a recipe rather a top tip, all you need is…
Bacon and Chorizo Pasta BagsBy The Batch LadyThis video shows you how to make this pasta sauce in large quantities. The recipe is for 4 people but you can use the double or triple feature to increase the quantities if you are making more portions for the freezer.
Brides ChickenBy The Batch LadyThis recipe has been about for years; there are lots of different versions of it. A great friend Sarah-Jane made it for me once and I now make it every few weeks. It’s called brides chicken as it was often given to new brides by their mothers as an easy dish to make for new husbands. This is a great one to feed the whole family, it’s best described as a warm Coronation Chicken.
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