Sauces and Dips

Green Pasta Sauce with Crispy BaconBy The Batch LadyThis pasta sauce is packed full of veg and requires no chopping at all! To make this vegetarian, simply take out the bacon.
Creamy Cajun PastaBy The Batch LadyThis sauce is seriously yummy and is cooked in under 15 minutes!
Homemade Freezable HummusBy The Batch LadyThis makes a large amount that can be divided up into smaller portions for the freezer.
White SauceBy The Batch LadyVERY EASY, FREEZABLE WHITE SAUCE   I have been known to occasionally use a jar of white sauce, if I only need a very small quantity for a lasagne. However it is good to know how to make this simple recipe. This sauce is a good base for macaroni, lasagne, moussaka, parsley sauce, tuna moray… the list goes on.
BASIC TOMATO SAUCEBy The Batch LadyOnce you make this simple recipe you will never go back to jarred sauce. It is so easy, quick and cheap to make and can be used for a multitude of dishes, from pizza toppings to lasagne.
Pesto Pasta- No cook bagsBy The Batch LadyI love ‘No Cook’ bag days! No Cook bags are bags filled with most of the raw ingredients needed for a recipe ready to defrost and cook later. Pesto pasta is a favourite in this house so I always make 3 bags each time I do this recipe.
Frozen RouxBy The Batch LadyI owe this fab idea to the lovely girl called Purdie. I met Perdie on holiday in Suffolk and she had just finished a cookery course. She was working as a chef for a company catering weddings, so she is an expert on batch cooking to extremes! Thanks, Perdie for a top tip!
Freezable GuacamoleBy The Batch LadyYes, you can freeze guacamole, as long as you make a basic mixture of it then add other ingredients such as tomatoes or onions once you want to use it. I freeze my guacamole in ice cream scoops, as often I only need a little at a time. This is great recipe for saving time, waste and money.