Comfort Foods

Chicken Noodle SoupBy The Batch LadyUse your homemade chicken stock for this 'meal-in-one' soup. (Watch my 'chicken stock' video on how to make your own stock.)
Low Cal Freezable MashBy The Batch LadyHere's my freezable mash recipe from the video 'Batching Your Healthy Food - Part 1'
Chipotle Butter CornBy The Batch LadyThis is a great butter recipe that can be made in advance and frozen. We love it on corn but it's equally as good on chicken and other veg.
Haggis stuffed ChickenBy The Batch LadyI would always recommend doubling this recipe, that way you don't waste 1/2 a haggis. If you stuff 8 chicken breasts, you will have used the whole thing.
Vegan Spaghetti BologneseBy The Batch LadyThis is a meat-free take on the classic family favourite. Who would know the difference?