Chicken Katsu SaladBy The Batch LadyThis delicious Japanese dish usually served with rice also works really well as a salad. In partnership with Sainsbury's Price Lock campaign.
BBQ Bags 2020By The Batch LadyWe're big fans of BBQing in our family. Here's an update on my previous video, this one is specially for enjoying being outdoors as we come out of lockdown. Happy BBQ Batching.
Chicken Noodle SoupBy The Batch LadyUse your homemade chicken stock for this 'meal-in-one' soup. (Watch my 'chicken stock' video on how to make your own stock.)
Chicken StockBy The Batch LadyAs we are constrained to minimal food shopping as the corona virus hits around the world, it's becoming ever more important to get the most out of all our food. Here is a video showing you how to make chicken stock from your left over chicken carcass. Check out my chicken noodle soup recipe showing you how to make a simple soup from this stock.
Creamy Cajun PastaBy The Batch LadyThis sauce is seriously yummy and is cooked in under 15 minutes!
Haggis stuffed ChickenBy The Batch LadyI would always recommend doubling this recipe, that way you don't waste 1/2 a haggis. If you stuff 8 chicken breasts, you will have used the whole thing.
EnchiladasBy The Batch LadyChicken Enchiladas are a great one-dish meal, they are hearty and filling and great for all the family. Easily cooked in advance and frozen.
Freezable Chicken BurritosBy The Batch LadyA Burrito is a soft warm tortilla that is wrapped up and contains fillings such as chicken, beef, pork, rice etc Burritos can be hard to make in small portions as they require so many ingredients, thus it’s a perfect thing to batch and put in your freezer.
Brides ChickenBy The Batch LadyThis recipe has been about for years; there are lots of different versions of it. A great friend Sarah-Jane made it for me once and I now make it every few weeks. It’s called brides chicken as it was often given to new brides by their mothers as an easy dish to make for new husbands. This is a great one to feed the whole family, it’s best described as a warm Coronation Chicken.
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