The Batch Lady Book is Here!

‘By spending an hour on a Sunday morning in your pyjamas following one of my recipe sequences, you can buy back hours of precious mid-week time – and you’ve got a range of delicious, nutritious, home-made ready meals in your fridge or freezer.’
Suzanne Mulholland, The Batch Lady

Shop Once: Learn how to make your weekly shop go further, and save time in the kitchen, through the miracle of meal planning.

Cook Once: Discover 80 easy family recipes, cleverly grouped to cook together, to fill your freezer for the week ahead.

Eat Well All Week: Enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal every day, with no need to cook from scratch each time.

This book will give you the gift of time to even the busiest of lives with 80+ recipes that are all freezable and able to be made in advance, Allowing you to make fast meals that you can stock up on so that you are free from cooking mid-week.

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