Moonmoon Reusable Silicone Food Bags 900ml | Leakproof Fridge & Freezer Storage

  • PLASTIC FREE. Our FDA approved platinum food grade Silicone freezer bags are completely plastic free. This means no exposure to the chemicals found in plastic and no BPA. What’s more, they are super strong, durable and resistant to tearing.
  • LEAKPROOF & AIRTIGHT. Rest assured there will be no spills with our bags. Our innovative pinch-press bags work a treat. Simply squeeze together the top edges of the bag to secure. Time to say ‘goodbye’ to fiddly plastic rods and awkward zips. Your food will stay fresh and secure
  • MULTI-PURPOSE. Our set of two 900ml bags (20cm x 18cm x 3cm, with a 16cm opening) are truly versatile. From meat, fish and veggies to toiletries, makeup, swimwear and stationary. Makes the perfect sandwich or snack bag for your work or school packed lunch. Ideal for soups, smoothies and batch cooking. Transparent, so you can see what’s inside and slimline to save on space in your fridge, freezer or bag.
  • EASY TO REUSE. Save money and reduce your food waste, by keeping your produce fresher for longer and saving your leftovers. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Oven and microwave proof and suitable for sous vide cooking. Great for zero waste shopping. Help to reduce the amount of plastic in landfill and oceans by choosing to reuse.
  • WE CARE. At Moonmoon, we create reusable essentials to help you waste less and live well. We are an eco-conscious UK business who are proud to donate to the One Tree Planted charity. Our silicone bags are truly built to last, but we are here for you if you are not 100% happy. Check out our other reusable essentials on our Amazon store


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