28cm x 6m Vacuum Sealer Rolls (Pack of 2 rolls)



  • SOUS VIDE READY – Specially designed for the high temperatures and prolonged sessions of sous vide cooking, our embossed vacuum sealer rolls can withstand up to 110 degree Celsius over the duration of 100+ hours of cooking
  • FOOD STORAGE PERFECTED – Keep food fresh longer than ever before with sealer rolls capable of storing any kind of food in the fridge or freezer. There is no need to worry about ruining your food with freezer burn or spoilage as the SousVideTools embossed rolls are tough enough to withstand freezing, boiling or microwaving
  • SAFE AND EXACT – Our vacuum sealer bags are 100 Percent food-safe and BPA free. Not only that, but the vacuum sealer rolls are made to measure and great for portion control. Simply cut off a length of roll to fit the item you wish to cook or store, seal one end to make a pouch, slip the food inside and then it’s ready for vacuum sealing
  • PLENTY OF SPACE – At 28 centimetres wide and 6 metres long (12 m of roll total), these rolls give you plenty of room for all your storage needs. Fit two or more portions in the same bag or add liquids and marinades to infuse more flavour into your food
  • WORKS WITH ALL BRANDS – Fully compatible with all domestic vacuum sealers including Gastroback, FoodSaver, Andrew James, JML, SousVide Supreme, Rival Seal-a-Meal, VacMaster, Magic Vac and Vac-Star


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