Use Frozen Veg – I Am The Queen of Frozen Veg!

Frozen veg is great for you. Nowadays it’s generally flash frozen within 30 minutes of being picked, so its full of goodness. Unlike fresh veg, it hasn’t sat around in a truck or a supermarket aisle for weeks. Frozen veg is already prepared, it is cut and prepped and ready to go. I couldn’t live without bags of already chopped onions! Yes, no more tears.

Frozen Veg
A bag of frozen pre-chopped onions cost 99p and usually offers a buy 2 get 1 free, so in terms of cost difference to fresh it’s minimal. In terms of time saving and waste these are brilliant, take what you need out and seal it back up for next time.

Generally, 1 cup of chopped frozen onions = I whole fresh onion.

To keep frozen veg at its best and to keep your freezer clean of escape veg, simply decant your open packet into a freezable sealable bag. That way you can see quickly what you are looking for and the veg remains sealed which will help it from getting freezer burn.

Frozen Herbs
Nowadays you can buy frozen herbs that are also already prepped, so you just scoop out how much finely chopped herbs you need. These are brilliant they save waste and it means you always have the herb you need in the house. I live 1hr round trip from a shop so these are a must for me.

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  1. Is love to learn to make nutritious complete meals for my elderly parents to make and reheat all in one go as the are struggling to stand and cook. I wondered if you would do a tutorial on this please.
    Many thanks
    Kate Murray. Xx

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