Quick and Easy Double Portions

Stage 1-Your first batch cooking session

Doubling up

For your first-time batch cooking, start with one recipe that you can make off by heart and that your family love. For instance spaghetti bolognese, make the bolognese and simply times it by 2, then you have 1 for tonight and 1 for the freezer. (I only double the meat and sauce not the pasta, as pasta is better cooked the when needed).

If you are able to, you could try a different recipe each night, that you know is freezer friendly and simply make one for supper and one for the freezer. By the end of the week you will have a week’s supply of dinners in your freezer.

Once you get used to doubling up, head next to the batch cooking morning section, to learn how easy it is to make multiple different dishes using similar ingredients.

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