5 steps to an easy batch cook morning!

Stage 2- Moving on From Doubling up!​

Choose recipes that have the same basic ingredients, for example:

Onions, grated carrot and minced beef are three main ingredients in the dishes below:

Cottage Pie
Spaghetti Bolognese

If your planning on cooking with minced beef, you could start with these 3 basics above and work through the list adding other ingredients as needed for each dish. If I were doing this minced beef morning, I would start with the raw beef and make homemade burgers, by adding mustard and Wostershire sauce, then I would take more of the raw meat and make meatballs adding some of the raw diced onions an egg and some italian seasoning.

I would then cook the onions carrots and minced beef together in one pan, then take a portion out and add fajita seasoning to it, thus making fajitas.

Next I would make a tomato sauce and add this to the remaining mixture, continuing down the list until all the meals were made.

1 large pot of basic ingredients thus ends up being the base for 7 meals.

You can do this with chicken, fish, pork, tofu etc etc etc

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