Top Tips

Spend 5 minutes more and make Double Portions

This is a top tip 2 minute video, showing that you don’t always need to make a vat of food, or spend a special day batch cooking lots of meals to be organised. Instead simply always double the portion of your favourite meals, one for now one for later. This way when a busy week […]

Inside The Batch Lady’s ‘big’ freezers

I’m constantly asked if I can show my main freezers that are out in the farm buildings. They never feature in videos as I always film in the kitchen, so here they are with some top tips on storage and meal planning.

Make your own Caster Sugar and Icing Sugar

With Covid 19 restrictions, many of us are struggling to find certain goods in the supermarkets or grocery stores at the moment. Here’s how to make your own caster and icing sugar and a top tip to turn plain flour into self raising flour.

How to defrost food, fast and safe

I’ve had so many questions about safe ways to defrost food as more and more people decide to have a go at making meals in advance. This video gives all my top tips on the best way to defrost, how to remember to take food out the freezer in time and lots more.

Give the gift of a meal this Christmas – Fish Pie

Why not give the gift of a meal this Christmas, these 3 individual portions of fish pie took only 5 minutes to make. In no time at all you can produce homemade meals for anyone elderly, living alone or perhaps just had a baby. Why not give a practical gift this year.

Cooking your Christmas Turkey

Here are my top tips on how to cook a turkey for Christmas.

How to cook your made-in-advance Roast Potatoes & Veg

Here I show you exactly how to cook your made-in-advance potatoes when they come out of the freezer, with added top tips.

Buying and Defrosting your Christmas Turkey

Here’s my guide on deciding what type of turkey to buy and all theinfo you need on defrosting your turkey.  

Zhuzh it up!

How to use Frozen Herbs

I love frozen herbs for when the summer months are done and there is not much left in the garden. Here’s a video on what’s on the market at the moment. The foil packages are great to reuse as freezer bags for sauces etc, so no waste here.

Best Food Storage – Glass Containers

Here’s a video showing the size and style of glass containers I use for freezer cooking.

Big Pots

Do you have a favourite pot to batch with?  In this video I talk all about big pots! The best, the worst, the sizes needed for batching, it is all covered.  

Batching your morning Cuppa

Want to get very organised in the morning, why not batch your morning cuppa into icecubes so you only need to microwave it to warm! This video was produced in Arpil so you may want to watch it till the end!

These food bags are washable and reusable

Food bags are generally washable and reusable and can be used over and over again, much like washing out a plastic tub. They are not single use!

Top tips for stopping your bags form sticking together

Wet food bags often stick together and break in the freezer, here’s my top tips on how to stop it happening.

Top tips for making and storing Pies

This is my cheats guide to making pies, so you can make the filling and freeze it separately from the top thus saving space in your freezer.

A review of silicone bags

As we move away from single use plastics and become more environmentally friendly, new products come along to help us out. Silicone bags are the batch cookers new environmentally friendly product. Here’s a review about them so far.

Mindfulness in the Kitchen

This was an article I was asked to do for the Telegraph Newspaper Online. Mindfulness can be looked at in numerous ways, I tend to think being mindful is about looking at a situation in advance, so you are mindful of what you intend to do and can work to make it a very easy [...]

Hints and tips for easy batching

If you are ready to move on to my 10 meals in 1 hr section, or you are ready to do a whole batch cooking morning, here are my hints and tips about how to organise your kitchen and the ingredients you will use, so that you can save as much time as possible when [...]

Cooking hacks for Quick Pasta and rice

Pasta and rice are a midweek staple, most nights I’m cooking one or other of these, here are my top tips on how to cook each.

How to make the correct foil parcels

How long your food wrapped in foil parcels takes to cook is often down to what foil you used and how you wrapped it. This video explains exactly how I wrap my parcels and what foil I use.

All you need to know about freezer food Bags

Here’s a review of all the different freezer bags that I use when batch cooking. What ones work best? What are the cheapest or most expensive? What ones I use when. Silicone or plastic! All reviewed here.