Start Batch Cooking

Freezing & Defrosting

Once your food is prepared, in order to get it ready for the freezer you will need to portion the food into your labeled bags. You will need to leave theses open until they cool, as below Once cool, seal and flatten, making sure all the air is out the bag. I usually put these [...]

5 steps to an easy batch cook morning!

Stage 2- Moving on From Doubling up!​ Choose recipes that have the same basic ingredients, for example: Onions, grated carrot and minced beef are three main ingredients in the dishes below: Burgers Meatballs Fajitas Cottage Pie Spaghetti Bolognese Chilli lasagne If your planning on cooking with minced beef, you could start with these 3 basics [...]

Quick and Easy Double Portions

Stage 1-Your first batch cooking session Doubling up For your first-time batch cooking, start with one recipe that you can make off by heart and that your family love. For instance spaghetti bolognese, make the bolognese and simply times it by 2, then you have 1 for tonight and 1 for the freezer. (I only [...]

What you need to Batch Cook

Batch cooking with The Batch Lady 101 What you need to get started Ok so you want to start cooking in batches. It’s so easy and you will probably already have everything you need in your kitchen already, with the exception of a sealable freezer bag. You will need: 1 or 2 large pots 2 [...]