Tefal 30 cm Comfort Max, Induction Frying Pan, Stainless Steel, Non Stick

The Comfort Max frying pans use the best quality stainless steel for a durable cookware. It comes with Tefal’s iconic Thermospot technology, this unique heat indicator lets you know when your frying pan is ready to start cooking by turning to a solid red dot at the optimum temperature. The Power Resist non-stick coating guarantee a long lasting cooking performance. The Comfort Max range is also dishwasher safe and oven safe for up to an hour at 180 degrees. The induction base is manufactured to ensure efficient cooking results and it is compatible on all hobs including induction. This range also features ergonomic & stay cool handles for a comfortable grip and to prevent the risk of burning hands. Tefal guarantees the body and lids of this cooking product from the date of purchase for a period of 10 years against any manufacturing defects. The non-stick coating is guaranteed for the life of the pan against blistering or peeling. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by incorrect use, professional use or if the product is knocked or dropped. It does not cover stains, discolouration or scratches on the inside or outside of the product due to normal wear and tear.



Comfort Max
Tefal is extending its range with the launch of its stainless steel products. The stainless steel used by Tefal is an alloy made from 18 per cent chromium and 10 per cent nickel, which makes it the ideal material for cookware thanks to its durability. The high rate of the chromium means an auto-protective layer forms at the surface of your cookware, ensuring high resistance to rust for an extended lifetime. Tefal has designed products that meet the needs of every kitchen; from pots and pans for everyday use, right through to more premium products for gourmet dining. Along with a thorough level of finishing for long lasting, shiny and appealing cookware, Tefal truly has something for everyone. The Comfort Max cookware is better for those who are kitting out a new home, each of the products has been ergonomically designed so they are comfortable to use. The handles are not only soft to touch but also stay cool, removing the risk of burning your hands while cooking.

Tefal Premium Quality
Stainless steel is considered a hard wearing material and meets the most demanding industry requirements thanks to its resistance to corrosion, stains and shocks (eg- no deformation in case of falls or knocks). The benefits of owning a premium quality stainless steel cookware are therefore huge: high temperature resistance, oven safe compatibility for durability and long-lasting cooking performance. Tefal product design maximise durability, pleasure of cooking and comfort.

Induction Base Technology
Stainless Steel needs to be combined with aluminium, to maintain better conductivity. An aluminium disc is encapsulated in a stainless steel disc and spread to the outside edge of the pan thanks to a heat-pressure stamping technology. This high impact bonded base technology ensures 100 per cent of the bottom surface is covered with aluminium, ensuring the better resistance to deformation for an optimum heat diffusion and no hot spots for delicious results every time. A thick anti-deformation base combined with a magnetic stainless steel bottom enhance performance as it is also compatible on all hobs including induction.

Thermospot and Non-Stick Technology
Over 10 years ago, Tefal invented Thermo-Spot technology. This heat indicator works by changing to a solid red colour when the pan has reached the optimum cooking temperature, ensuring optimal cooking results without the risk of under or overheating. Searing food at the ideal temperature is now made easy. The power resist non-stick coating is available on the wok, the sautepan and on all frypans. It is the most up to date non-stick coating manufactured by Tefal. Tefal thoroughfully test their non-stick coatings through 8,000 abrasion cycles which ensures optimum and durable glide over time.

Handles, Lids and Knobs
Comfort Max’s handle is made of Bakelite. Bakelite will not burn when exposed to heat, along with these characteristics and it’s ability to be molded make it an ideal material for knobs and handles on cookware. Bakelite is used as a material on many of Tefal‘s ranges because of it’s hard wearing qualities. Comfort Max feature ergonomic soft touch and stay cool handles for comfortable grip and easy handling without the risk of burning hands.

On the Comfort Max range all items are oven safe up to 175 Celsius, Gas 4, 350 Fahrenheit for up to 1 hr. This means that you can start your cooking on the stove and finish it off in the oven. The stewpot, the sautepan and all saucepans, come with glass lids, with vents. The benefit of a glass lids is the ease of which you can keep an eye on your cooking, ensuring that nothing is burning or drying out. The vent on the lid allows you to release a controlled amount of steam without removing the lid. Highly visible measuring marks are also available for an accurate cooking on lidded products.

Product Specification
Durable 18/10 stainless steel cookware
Power resist non-stick coating
Soft touch and stay cool handles
Thick anti deformation induction base
Dishwasher safe
All hobs compatible including induction
Oven safe up to 175 degree Celsius for up to 1 hour



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