Scrub Daddy Sponges

Scrub Daddy The Original Scratch-Free FlexTexture Scrubbing Sponge has an ergonomic design with innovative technologies that work together to deliver superior cleaning power. Scrub Daddy is soft, compressible and more absorbent in warm water. In cold water he’s firm and can remove stubborn debris without the need for added harsh chemicals. Food particles rinse away with a few squeezes under warm running water. FlexTexture dries within an hour so it won’t mold and is independently lab tested to not hold odors for up to 8 weeks. Quickly clean both sides of serving spoons and utensils in one motion. Scrub Daddy’s eyes hold onto you, so you’ll never run into a hard-to-reach place again. His circular shape lets you clean the sides and bottom of containers at the same time. This pack of 4 yellow scrubbing sponge is suitable for glass, non-stick coatings, granite, ceramic, wood and stainless steel.



About this item

  • A smart solution for kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • Soft in warm water and firm in cool water
  • Designed to fit comfortably in your hand providing good grip and coverage
  • Brightens the surfaces around your home in seconds
  • Perfect for delicate applications as well as heavy-duty jobs


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