Oven Gloves Heat Resistant Gauntlet Long Oven Mitts



  • 【500℉ Heat Resistant】The palm part of the oven gloves is made of heat proof rubber and has a heat resistant temperature up to 500℉. These oven mitts can fully meet the family use and they are essential tool for baking. The collar of this long oven glove is up to 8 inch, which protects your forearm more effectively from being burnt when your hands reach into the oven.
  • 【Soft & Comfortable】The back and the sleeves of the oven gloves are made of high-quality polyester cotton, which is soft and comfortable. So these oven mitts will make you more flexible and safe in use.The soft polyester-cotton material also makes you easier to clean the outside and inside of the heat resistant gloves.
  • 【Good Shape】These oven gloves are duckbill shaped glove that makes you easier to remove the baking tray , cookie sheet and grill from the oven. Oven mitts of this shape also make you easier to remove the dishes from the microwave oven. These heat resistant gloves also suitable for both hands to take pot and one hand to uncover pot lid.
  • 【Non-slip】The surface of the heat proof rubber is a high-density mesh texture with high friction and can effectively improve the anti-slip effect of oven gloves. At the same time, this rubber is also waterproof and oil resistant, and resistant to dirt and corrosion, aging, abrasion and durability.
  • 【Warranty】6 months worry-free oven gloves guarantee which ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your oven mitts. We promise you every quality long oven gloves and friendly customer service. These heat resistant gloves will be a surprise for your family.


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