MasterClass Shallow Casserole Dish with Lid, Lightweight Cast Aluminium, Black, 4 Litre / 28 cm

REVOLUTIONARY CAST ALUMINIUM: This shallow casserole dish conducts heat quickly like cast iron, but is very light and easy to handle
IMPRESSIVE STRENGTH: Finished with two tough protective layers, it offers excellent non stick performance and resists nicks and scratches
HOB TO OVEN CASSEROLE DISH: It’s oven safe to 200 degree Celsius and has a stainless steel base for use on all hobs including induction
PRO FEATURES: A self-basting lid retains delicious flavour during slow cooking and a pair of sturdy side handles make for easy lifting
Includes Masterclass’s 25 years guarantee; measures 28 cm wide at the top



MasterClass Cast Aluminium Induction Safe Non-Stick Shallow Casserole Pot (4 L)
Revolutionise the way you cook.
From slow-cooked beef stews to Christmas ‘leftover’ casseroles – MasterClass’s shallow casserole dish makes cooking these hearty favourites easier than ever. Built from high-quality cast aluminium, it absorbs heat quickly and distributes it evenly. The result? Fast, even cooking every time.

This clever casserole pan is designed for use in the oven or on the stove, so it’s suitable for all sorts of recipes (as well as re-heating leftovers). It’s heat resistant to 200°C (392°F), and has a stainless steel base that makes it work on all hobs, including induction.

The icing on the cake: A self-basting lid, which keeps your stews deliciously flavour some, plus a super-strong anti-scratch coating that ensures years of trouble-free use. That’s MasterClass quality.

Cast aluminium for improved cooking results
This shallow casserole dish is made of high-quality cast aluminium. It’s a very strong heat conductor, so it cooks fast and spreads the heat evenly through your food. It’s great for braising beef and onions for a stew, or sautéing sausages for a casserole.

Double layer non-stick coating
Its smart speckled grey interior certainly makes it stand out. But it also plays an important part in cooking. This double layer acts as a scratch-proof, non-stick. So, not only does it prevent your food from sticking, it also keeps this casserole dish protected.

Self-basting lid
The last thing you want is those rich flavours and aromas escaping the pot. With this stew pot’s self-basting lid, it’s not a problem. Its dimpled surface allows all those fantastic juices to drip back down into the dish.

A healthy choice
The scratch-resistant, non-stick coating means you can fry ingredients using less oil, so the end result is healthier and just as tasty.

Sturdy side handles
Heavy-duty, yes. But you won’t have much trouble picking this casserole pot up. It has a pair of wide, strong side handles to provide you with a comfortable grip, even if you’ve got a thick pair of oven gloves on.

Induction-safe base
With its stainless steel base, you can use this shallow casserole pot with all heat sources – including induction, radiant ring, gas, halogen, ceramic and solid plate. It’s oven-safe to 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) too.

MasterClass Cast Aluminium Induction-Safe Cookware
Equip yourself with MasterClass’s induction-safe cast aluminium range, and start a cooking revolution in your kitchen. This innovative cookware is extremely tough, yet lightweight and easy to handle. Just what you need to cook with confidence, every day.

The full collection includes frying pans, griddle pans and casserole dishes. Discover it for yourself – type ‘MasterClass Cast Aluminium’ into your Amazon search bar.


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