MasterClass Aluminium Non-Stick Enamel Saucepan With Lid, 20 cm (8″)

Originally established in 1850 by a gentleman named Thomas Plant we specialised in manufacturing and wholesale of ironmongery and household products. Many of our customers still refer to us as Thomas Plant and have dealt with us for decades reflecting our rich heritage. In 1996 we changed our name from Thomas Plant to Kitchen Craft to give customers more indication of what we do and began establishing ourselves as market leaders in all types of kitchen and homewares products and accessories.



Master Class Aluminium Non-Stick Enamel Saucepan With Lid (16 cm)
The combination of highly conductive aluminium and a durable non-stick coating makes this pan strong, easy to use, and long-lasting.

It’s produced from heavy-duty 3 mm thick aluminium, and for added strength and protection, it features a vitreous enamel exterior coating. It efficiently transfers heat from your hob to your food, so it cooks quickly and evenly.

Suitable for use with a variety of heat sources, including gas, solid plate, ceramic, halogen, radiant ring and ovens.

Healthier meals
Thanks to the non-stick coating, you don’t need as much oil, so you can fry your ingredients without the additional calories.

Toughened glass lid
Featuring a steam vent, which helps to release heat and prevent the pan from boiling over and makes it easy check on your food with a quick glance as it cooks.

Silicone Handle
The pan has a long riveted handle with a soft-grip, non-slip silicone coating.

Silicone is naturally heat resistant, so you can safely put this pan in your oven without the risk of the handle melting.

MasterClass Induction-Safe Aluminium Cookware
Equip yourself with MasterClass’s induction-safe cast aluminium range, and start a cooking revolution in your kitchen! This innovative cookware is extremely tough, yet lightweight and easy to handle. Just what you need to cook with confidence, every day.

The full collection includes frying pans, griddle pans and casserole dishes. Discover it for yourself – type ‘MasterClass Cast Aluminium’ into your Amazon search bar.

Cook with Confidence.



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