Lakeland Round Cake Tin Baking Parchment Paper Liners 20cm, Pack of 50

  • Non-stick silicone paper cases for full size cakes
  • Ideal for bake sales and home-baked gifting
  • No need to grease paper or tins
  • Pack of 50 liners for 20cm (8″) round cake tins
  • Withstand temperatures up to 230°C


Whether baking cakes for bake sales and parties, for stocking the freezer or sharing with friends and family, look no further than our baking parchment cake tin liners. With pleated sides 6cm deep, they’re a perfect fit for 20cm diameter cake tins and due to the non-stick silicone paper they are really easy to peel down when it’s time to cut pieces from your cake.

About Lakeland Baking Parchment


High-quality, non-stick baking parchment for bakers and cooks offers quick release without any need to grease the tin or the paper. It will even wipe clean to be reused.

Heat Resistant

Able to withstand higher oven temperatures than greaseproof paper, our silicone paper baking parchment is ideal for lining baking tins, oven trays and soufflé dishes and perfect for a multitude of other uses, too.

Microwave and freezer-safe.

20cm Dia. x 6cm H. (8″ Dia. x 27″ Dia. x 2½”).


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