KitchenCraft Colourworks Measuring Cup Set, Multi-Colour, 4-Piece

  • Accurately measure out ingredients includes one cup, half a cup, quarter of a cup and eighth of a cup measures
  • Each measuring cup is also clearly marked with the metric equivalent in millilitres (ml)
  • Spoon-shaped to make scooping up flour and sugar from narrow jars and containers easier
  • Stain resistant finishes make them easy to keep clean
  • Come complete with a handy storage ring and a 5 years guarantee; colours may vary to those shown


The Kitchen Craft colourworks four piece measuring cup set is handy for following all types of recipes. Each brightly coloured spoon shaped cup in this set features both cup and millilitre (ml) measurements, so you don’t have to spend time converting and working out the equivalent amounts. There’s one cup (236.64 ml), half a cup (118.32 ml), a quarter of a cup (59.16 ml) and an eighth of a cup (29.58 ml) measuring cups.

It’s often difficult to scoop up ingredients from jars with traditionally wide measuring cups. However, these measuring cups are conveniently shaped like narrow spoons, so you can scoop up flour and sugar straight from the jar without any trouble.

Finished in four of the key colours from the colourworks palette (blue, pink, green and purple), don’t worry about them becoming discoloured with use. Strong and stain resistant, they can resist the colouring from the strongest of ingredients. Just pop them in your dishwasher when you’ve finished or rinse them with warm water. With the set’s handy storage ring, you can keep the cups together in a drawer or hang them on a utensils rack ready for use.

About colourworks

The blend of vibrancy and practicality, the colourworks range by Kitchen Craft features more than 400 essential kitchen tools, gadgets, knives and accessories in 11 vibrant colours. Don’t let the fun colours fool you, this is seriously high performance kitchen kit, designed to deliver reliability on a daily basis. Using a variety of materials across the whole collection, including flexible LFGB grade, food-safe silicone, strong stainless steel, virtually unbreakable melamine and durable nylon, each product in range provides performance whatever the cooking task.


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