Crock-Pot DuraCeramic Digital Saute Slow Cooker with Hob-Safe Pot, Anti-Stick and Easy Clean, 5 Litre (4 to 5 People) [CSC026] [Energy Class A]

Built-in 20 hour digital timer with LED countdown display makes meal planning easy
Multi-use bowl with DuraCeramic coating is suitable for all hob and oven types including induction and free of PFOA and PTFE non-stick chemicals, with 4 times the durability of standard non-stick
Saute ingredients on the hob in the removable die-cast DuraCeramic pot before slow cooking; brown meat and soften onions and vegetables to maximise flavour
Large 5 Litre capacity feeds 4 to 5 people and is ideal for families or entertaining
Slow cooker recipe book included for a host of delicious meal ideas



Crock-Pot 5L DuraCeramic Saute Slow Cooker
The Crock-Pot 5L DuraCeramic Sauté Slow Cooker is ideal for creating family meals, comfortably serving five people. It features an easy-to-use digital timer to set your cooking times, two heat settings and an ‘Auto Keep Warm’ function which keeps food warm once cooking is complete. The digital timer has a built-in 20 hour digital timer with LED screen. Turn on ‘High’ to create tasty appetisers, meals or even deserts in no time at all or set to ‘low’ to produce food bursting with flavour, leaving your ingredients simmering throughout the day so your dinner cooks while you’re out and about. But there is no need to worry if your meeting runs over or you want to quickly visit a friend, as the Crock-Pot Digital slow cooker will automatically switch to ‘Keep Warm’ once the cooking time has ended, keeping food at a warm temperature until you are ready to eat your delicious meal.

PTFE and PFOA free
Our DuraCeramic finish is natural, family friendly and safe to use.

Scratch Resistant
Our DuraCeramic finish is more scratch resistant than other non-stick coatings.

Four times More Durable
Four times harder than other non-stick coatings, our DuraCeramic finish won’t flake or peel.

Easy Clean
Wipe Clean with ease.


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