Managing your Freezer

Cleanse and organises the freezer

The Batch Lady Cleans and organises the freezer. It’s always good to have a spring clean of your freezer, in fact its worth doing every few weeks, that way you maximise space and get to see exactly what you have in there. I always leave a spare shelf for freezing meals flat. Check out the […]

How to organise and manage your freezer

Here's one a few of you have been waiting on! Check out this video, it shows you how I manage and organise my freezers, so I know, what's in them, what I take out and what I put in! No matter what type or size of freezer you have this is a good system. It [...]

Managing Your Kitchen Freezer

What's in My kitchen Freezer and Why? I've been asked lots lately about Freezer Organisation, so I thought I'd let you see what's in My Kitchen Freezer and Why! I have 2 large freezers in one of my farm sheds outside, but this freezer is my go to everyday one, so I keep a few [...]