Following the Batch Lady Recipes

Getting started with YouTube

Ok I will be honest, my passion is batch cooking. Before I started my YouTube Channel, I didn’t have a clue how to subscribe to someone’s channel. I simply used to watch a video online then leave the page, never having signed into anything. However, now I know it is free and how easy it [...]

How to use frozen veg

Use Frozen Veg – I Am The Queen of Frozen Veg! Frozen veg is great for you. Nowadays it’s generally flash frozen within 30 minutes of being picked, so its full of goodness. Unlike fresh veg, it hasn’t sat around in a truck or a supermarket aisle for weeks. Frozen veg is already prepared, it [...]

Secret Cheats

I am not a believer in being a martyr! I want to cook homemade food for my family, I am not a chef and I don’t have time to spend hours making all my dishes from scratch, so there are many shop bought items that I will often use. Ready-made pizza dough, that’s ready to [...]

How to measure with cups

Measurements for The Batch Lady Recipes- Important! Having learnt batch cooking from my time in the USA, I have found that using the American measurements is by far easier than constantly weighing out ingredients. ​So, no matter where you are in the world all my recipes are described using cups, teaspoons and table spoons making [...]