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Creamy Cajun PastaBy The Batch LadyThis sauce is seriously yummy and is cooked in under 15 minutes!
Pesto Pasta- No cook bagsBy The Batch LadyI love ‘No Cook’ bag days! No Cook bags are bags filled with most of the raw ingredients needed for a recipe ready to defrost and cook later. Pesto pasta is a favourite in this house so I always make 3 bags each time I do this recipe.
Easy Fridge PastaBy The Batch LadyThis isn’t really a recipe rather a top tip, all you need is…
Bacon and Chorizo Pasta BagsBy The Batch LadyThis video shows you how to make this pasta sauce in large quantities. The recipe is for 4 people but you can use the double or triple feature to increase the quantities if you are making more portions for the freezer.