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Homemade Pizza No Cook BagBy The Batch LadyThis is one of my cheats as I use a ready to roll pizza dough, however like many of my batch cook dishes, it’s mainly homemade and certainly better than buying a supermarket pizza. The kids have great fun adding the toppings and I know exactly how much cheese goes into it and what the tomato base is made of. Use small sealable freezer bags for these pizza raw bags. Simply put all the toppings you want in the bag rather than tell you what you like on your pizza simply add any topping you like, I use…..
SconesBy The Batch LadyI’d love to claim this recipe but my mother taught me how to make these many moons ago. It’s been adapted from the BE-RO cook book that we seemed to use for everything in our house in the 70’s and 80’s.
Baked HamBy The Batch LadyI call this ‘every day’ ham, as it is the perfect thing to put in the oven when you have time over the weekend, then you can enjoy it as a midweek meal.
Frozen RouxBy The Batch LadyI owe this fab idea to the lovely girl called Purdie. I met Perdie on holiday in Suffolk and she had just finished a cookery course. She was working as a chef for a company catering weddings, so she is an expert on batch cooking to extremes! Thanks, Perdie for a top tip!
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