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Vegetable Bhuna CurryBy The Batch LadyMost of the ingredients in this curry came from my freezer.  No chopping at all except for the coriander for the garnish.   If you are feeling lazy / haven't been shopping / don't like chopping, this is the recipe for you!  Ready in 30 mins or less.
Butternut squash and sweet potato soupBy The Batch LadyThis recipe was devised by a friend of mine, originally made to use up the the fresh coriander and coconut milk that was leftover from making the Spice Pots Goan Fish Curry. She's done a cracking job - it is a really tasty warming soup packed with fresh vegetables. The coconut milk gives it a lovely sweetness and creamy consistency.
Homemade Freezable HummusBy The Batch LadyThis makes a large amount that can be divided up into smaller portions for the freezer.
BBQ No Cook BagsBy The Batch LadyWe are a huge fan of BBQ’s in this family…. Whatever the British weather throws at us!
White SauceBy The Batch LadyVERY EASY, FREEZABLE WHITE SAUCE   I have been known to occasionally use a jar of white sauce, if I only need a very small quantity for a lasagne. However it is good to know how to make this simple recipe. This sauce is a good base for macaroni, lasagne, moussaka, parsley sauce, tuna moray… the list goes on.
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